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    Exciting News!      Boston Technology Research (BTR) is now Sware – Learn More Here   

Validation Automation
for GxP Systems

Discover why innovative startups and top-tier life sciences leaders alike rely on the Res_Q™ platform. It’s their single source of validation truth to release more products, accelerate implementation, and ensure end-to-end compliance.

Built by Validation Experts for Validation Experts

Sware has partnered with more than 275 life sciences companies to make the move to the regulated cloud and Res_Q is the compliance engine of choice behind some of the world’s leading software developers for regulated apps.

    NEWS    BTR ( Now Sware) Raises $15 Million in Series A Round to Transform the Validation Process for Life Sciences  //  Read More    

Discover Res_Q: The Purpose-built Validation Platform

We’ve been there. We know compliant validation is hard work. That’s why we’ve built the platform we wish we always had.

Res_Q automates, integrates, and scales compliance processes across organizations – enabling painless adoption of emerging technologies for healthcare, life sciences, and SaMD companies. With Res_Q, companies can ensure consistency in compliance across their organization and reside in a state of inspection readiness.

Discover Res_Q™ VLMS
validation_overview One Central Validation Hub

Serving as a validation air traffic controller across the entire validation lifecycle – serves all areas across the enterprise (information technology, manufacturing, lab systems, and more) to streamline processes and centralize activities.

intelligent_impact_assessments Intelligent Risk Assessments

Assessing risk levels based on logic programmed within and defining what the validation process is downstream – brings forward critical thinking (what to do and not do) to put quality at the forefront while speeding up the process.

requirements_specifications_manager Built-in Analytics & Reporting

Delivering data for easy review and creation of informative reports to share across your organization, without the hassle of pulling information from multiple sources – streamlines the ability to inform and make data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

marketplace Pre-built Compliance Modules

Providing a starting point from which to validate, pre-built validation packages for more than 30 life systems with content you can easily edit – accelerates compliance and speeds up implementation to get your team up and running quickly.

workflow_builder Intuitive Workflow Structure

Starting with an easy-to-navigate process which guides you through all of the decision points and gets you to the end state of validation within the system – ensures compliance through 100% process adherence to your validation activities.

enterprise_sysadmin_manager Integration with Enterprise Systems

Integrating with existing systems (e.g. QMS, LMS, training, and engineering) within your organization and effectively de-siloing efforts – drives consistency and effectiveness throughout the continuum of the validation process.

test_script_manager Test Script Creation & Execution

Leveraging ALCOA Plus data security and integrity principles while providing access to templates for building test scripts that can be linked to documents – speeds the creation, execution, review, and approval of test scripts while ensuring data quality.

workflow_dashboard_reports Smart View of Active Validation Workflows & Tasks

Delivering a comprehensive view of validation workflows and tasks along with notifications – allows you to easily access and review information to see where you are in the process in real-time for effective operational oversight.


One Mission. One Platform. One Process.

We’re on a mission to make Computer System Validation (CSV) paperless, seamless, and stressless. That’s why we include a growing marketplace of pre-built compliance modules and ready-to-use templates, SOPs, test scripts, and workflows in an intuitive interface that empowers your teams to accelerate validation end-to-end.
275+ Companies Moved to the Regulated Cloud
700+ Unique
150+ Quality System
30+ Different Systems

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Speed Matters // Res_Q Delivers

Equip your teams to accelerate software validation, drive adoption, and scale faster—profitably.



Works with
30+ Different Systems

for regulated applications



Up to



Less Effort


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Investor Highlight

Behind The Investment: BTR (Now Sware) – Computer System Validation, Automated

We could not be more thrilled to be leading BTR’s $15M Series A with participation from existing investors LRV Health, New Stack, and Jumpstart, and I personally could not be more proud to serve as Board Director on behalf of Insight Partners. Now, post-investment we remain eager to double down on BTR’s rapid commercialization as they continue to shape the future of automated Computer System Validation – this is just the beginning!

// Read the Full Article Here

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