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Accelerating Success, Together

Defeating validation debt requires close collaboration with industry leaders. That’s why Sware works closely with partners who are committed to both strategic and operational excellence, delivery of long-term value, and a rejection of the status quo. Our API-first technology allows us to access and utilize a wide array of industry applications, connecting mission-critical technology in one powerful ecosystem.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.



Benchling is a cloud-based platform for biotechnology research and development. Benchling helps scientists accelerate the full R&D lifecycle with our R&D Cloud, which consists of data, collaboration, and insights — built on a trusted and open cloud platform.



Box started in 2005 with the goal to make it easy to access information from anywhere and collaborate with anyone. While that vision still lies at the core of the business, it has transformed into the mission to power how the world works together. Today, Box is proud to serve 97,000 companies and 68% of the Fortune 500 — but they're just getting started. As work continues to evolve, Box has stayed focused on delivering innovation to organizations across the globe and blowing their customers' minds every day.



MasterControl Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based quality and manufacturing software for life sciences and other regulated industries. For three decades, our mission has been the same as that of our customers – to bring life-changing products to more people sooner. MasterControl helps organizations digitize, automate, and connect quality and manufacturing processes. Innovative MasterControl tools have a proven track record of improving real-timely, reducing cost, and accelerating time to market. Over 1,100 companies worldwide use MasterControl solutions to streamline operations, maintain compliance, easily analyze and interpret large amounts of data, and visualize business insights in real time.

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ProcellaRX is a consulting practice providing digital validation / digital transformation solutions for software quality testing within life science industry. Our specialized computerized system validation (CSV) / computer software assurance (CSA) and project/quality management services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries help meet regulatory compliance requirements and supply quality assurance peace of mind.

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TetraScience is the Scientific Data Cloud company with a mission to accelerate scientific discovery and improve and extend human life. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ is the only open, cloud-native platform purpose-built for science that connects lab instruments, informatics software, and data apps across the biopharma value chain, uniquely delivering the foundation for AI/ML through engineered, harmonized, compliant and actionable scientific data.

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Veeva Systems is a global provider of industry-specific cloud-based software solutions that address the unique operating challenges and regulatory requirements of companies in the Life Sciences & Consumer Products industries. Our cloud-based solutions have helped hundreds of market-leading companies eliminate inefficiencies and bring high-quality, trusted, products to market faster without compromising safety or compliance.

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Verista is a leading business and technology consultancy firm that provides systems, compliance, validation and quality solutions to the life sciences industry. Our 700+ experts help clients solve their most critical and complex challenges across the GxP lifecycle, from R&D to manufacturing. We deliver consistent, safe, and high-quality results – every time.

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