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Faster, Smarter GxP Validation for Innovative Software Developers

GxPNext, powered by Res_Q, reduces complexity, accelerates time to market, and manages your regulatory compliance costs

Building Solutions in GxP Spaces Should be Easy

As the premiere GxP development solution, GxPNext reduces complexity in the SDLC, accelerates time to market, and reduces the cost of maintaining regulatory compliance for developers operating in GxP or GxP-adjacent spaces. Whether you're new to the GxP space or a seasoned veteran looking to streamline operations, GxPNext helps you digitize and automate every aspect of GxP validation.


scoping, execution,
and adoption


total audit-readiness
and peace of mind


time to revenue


simple provisioning for
customers in GxP spaces


Our system is completely digitally mapped. Now, when I’m sitting across the table from a large pharmaceutical company, I can speak their language and discuss compliance knowing that as audit processes evolve, we’ll be in a strong position to evolve with them."

– Jason Siegrist, Chief Information Security Officer, Nuvolo

Powered by Res_Q, the leading-edge GxP validation solution

GxPNext is powered by Res_Q, the leading-edge life sciences validation solution. Res_Q is a scalable, SaaS-based solution that helps life sciences companies make compliance easier and more transparent by automating, unifying, and accelerating every aspect of GxP validation.


With GxPNext, you will:

  • Seamlessly integrate a GxP validation solution into your SDLC toolkit

  • Automate your QMS processes to speed up development and deployment

  • Scale rapidly with out-of-the-box, flexible technology

  • Work with highly collaborative domain experts at Sware

  • Reduce customer validation time by up to 80%

  • Reduce total validation costs by up to 60%

  • Generate best-in-class GxP validation evidence for customers

  • Mitigate the impact of customer audits on your team

The GxPNext Advantage

Develop solutions 40% more cost-effectively and accelerate release timelines
  • Scalable, cumulative build validation approach

  • Agile validation to reduce time-to-ship

  • Automated validation management workflows

Deliver solutions 50% faster and reduce time to revenue realization
  • Productized, modular validation approach

  • Automated implementation validation workflows

  • Project management dashboards

Secure adoption with 80% less effort by reducing key barriers
  • Comprehensive traceability to new features

  • Optimized validation strategy for customer use

  • Audit-ready repository of validation content

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