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Amazon Web Services   


Res_Q by Sware – Born on AWS

No one company is going to be able to create and manage all the digitized workflows and processes needed to change the way life sciences manages validation. It needs a community. It needs the cloud.

Sware built Res_Q by leveraging the breath of services, security, and reach only the industry leading public cloud provider could deliver. With AWS, Sware can deliver a platform agile enough to serve startups with quality departments of 1 to multinational enterprise pharma companies and everyone in between. With AWS, Sware is developing the tools an ecosystem of partners will use to build validation workflows and compliance solutions. With AWS, Sware is bringing the promise of technology to a part of the industry time forgot.


Read the AWS Solution Brief

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AWS is our trusted technology partner. Since we started on building the solution we always wanted for the industry, AWS has been with us to help deliver on the vision. 

– Kosal Keo, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Sware

Cloud Benefits


The globe is our
serviceable market




Start improving in
hours, not months


No need to bring your
own data center. 

AWS Services – The Foundation of The Platform

Picture1Amazon Elastic
Kubernetes Service
(Amazon EKS)
EC2Amazon Elastic
Compute Cloud
(Amazon EC2)
S3Amazon Simple
Storage Service
(Amazon S3)
load-balanceElastic Load
RDSAmazon Relational
Database Service
(Amazon RDS)
IAMAWS Identity and
Access Management
KMSAWS Key Management
Service (AWS KMS)

Validation to Sware by

Res_Q was built to serve the unique, complex requirements that validation systems demand. Reach out today to schedule a no-pressure session.  We’re here to help you.