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Validation Automation Platform

Carefully Curated for All Validation Needs 

Discover the Res_Q Platform

Through Res_Q, Sware provides one validation solution crafted for the entire life sciences industry. Res_Q automates validation – effortlessly navigating through every step of the process for GxP and non-GxP systems. Res_Q offers unparalleled value to quality, IT, and business leaders across pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, software development, and professional services organizations.

One Central Validation Platform

Operating as a validation air traffic controller across the entire validation lifecycle - serves all areas across the enterprise (information technology, manufacturing, lab systems, and more) providing streamlined processes and centralized activities.

Intelligent Risk Assessments

Assessing risk levels based on logic programmed within and defining what the validation process is downstream, Res_Q brings forward critical thinking (what to do and not do) to put quality at the forefront while speeding up the process.

Analytics & Reporting

Delivering data for easy review and creation of informative reports to share across your organization, without the hassle of pulling information from multiple sources, Res_Q streamlines the ability to inform and make data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

Pre-built Compliance Modules

Providing a starting point from which to validate, Sware offers pre-built compliance modules for more than 30 life sciences systems. These modules provide content you can easily edit, accelerating your compliance and speeding up validation to get your team up and running quickly.

Intuitive Workflow

Starting with an easy-to-navigate process which guides you through all of the decision points and gets you to the end state of validation within the system, Res_Q ensures compliance through 100% process adherence to your validation activities.

Enterprise System Ready

Integrating with existing systems (e.g. QMS, LMS, training, and engineering) within your organization and effectively de-siloing efforts, Res_Q drives consistency and effectiveness throughout the continuum of the validation process.

Test Script Creation & Execution

Leveraging ALCOA Plus data security and integrity principles while providing access to templates for building test scripts that can be linked to documents – speeds the creation, execution, review, and approval of test scripts while ensuring data quality.

Open API

Experience the Res_Q API difference - a robust, dynamic integration that unlocks all platform functionalities. Empower developers with methodologies and use cases to harness capabilities, access data, and execute actions seamlessly. This unique integration is designed to foster innovation and supercharge efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of Res_Q's powerful features.

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Res_Q was built to serve the unique, complex requirements that validation systems demand. Reach out today to schedule a no-pressure session.  We’re here to help you.