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GxP Validation Made Easier, Faster and Smarter

Turn GxP into a strategic differentiator with GxPNext, powered by Res_Q

Develop Faster, Deliver More Value, and Streamline Customer Adoption

IT and Quality resource constraints, combined with stale validation processes, make modern GxP validation a logistical bottleneck. Optimizing products for rapid delivery in a heavily regulated environment becomes difficult, slowing customer adoption and delaying time to revenue realization.

With GxPNext by Sware, implementing leading-edge GxP validation is faster, easier, and more rewarding. GxPNext provides a turnkey, scalable, and cloud-native platform for GxP validation; one that integrates seamlessly with your product environment.

With GxPNext, you will transform GxP validation from a source of friction into a strategic differentiator.

Go from Zero to Validated, Fast

Technology providers new to the GxP space trust GxPNext to enable critical features for a wide range of GxP use cases. GxPNext handles every step of the GxP validation process for every update and release, allowing customers a full range of change controls as they release validation packages.


Optimize Validation for Growth

Many providers have several pieces of the validation puzzle in place but need to optimize to accommodate customer growth. GxPNext helps get you there, enabling automated testing in SQA, robust, audited QMS, standardized validation product management, and a full range of managed services.


Transform and Evolve

Do you have a fully built product ecosystem with GxP validation capabilities, but need to evolve to meet your industry’s growing demands? GxPNext provides unparalleled scalability, flexibility, agility, and automation. Video-based testing evidence, electronic PQ test execution, risk tracking within product requirements, and other advanced features are available right out of the box.



"Sware provided invaluable support by bringing deep industry knowledge, experience, and connections to our project. Now, when I’m sitting across the table from a large life sciences client, I can speak their language and discuss compliance knowing that as audit processes evolve, we’ll be in a strong position to evolve with them."

Jason Siegrist Chief Information Security Officer

Discover how GxPNext automates, unifies, and accelerates validation
in regulated spaces