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Escape Validation Debt
Once and For All

Take control of spiraling costs, lost time,
and compliance risk with Res_Q



Validation Debt Has You in a Hole

As life sciences companies rapidly adopt new technologies, they incur more and more validation debt: the unpaid, unseen cost of additional release, testing, and GxP requirements. As companies progress through lifecycle stages, validation debt continues to accumulate, affecting timelines and increasing risk.

  • On average, CSV alone adds a minimum 30% or more to overall project costs1

  • The cost of quality assurance affects 12-18% of industry revenue2

  • New FDA regulations factor risk and automation, expecting companies to keep pace3

1 Gartner 2022 Report, Life Science CIOs: Use Computer Software Assurance to Modernize Your GxP Validation Practice

2 McKinsey and Company Report, The Business Case for Quality

3 U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Computer Software Assurance for Production and Quality System Software

Current Validation Systems:

Require you to be an expert across all GxP systems

Drag teams into slow, error-prone, paper-based processes

Puts you on the defensive at crucial moments

Automate, Unify, and Accelerate with Res_Q

The leading-edge life sciences validation platform

Res_Q by Sware automates, unifies, and accelerates all your validation processes, delivering complete peace of mind in a complex compliance environment. With Res_Q, your IT and compliance leaders will spend less time managing disparate GxP systems, avoid slow and error prone paper-based processes, and bridge critical gaps in documentation that complicate communications with auditors.


release testing and GxP validation


validation processes in one app


validation time by up to 80%


transparency and audit readiness

Less Validation Debt, More Peace of Mind

Explore Case Studies

A collection of professional case studies from real clients. See how our customers were rescued from validation debt in their organizations.

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BUSINESS CHALLENGE:To Deliver a Modern, Fully Scalable Validation and GxP Compliance Solution to Nuvolo’s Life Sciences Customers

"Today most organizations are using pen and paper which may as well be a stone and chisel.  Our system is completely digitally mapped.  Sware provided invaluable support, bringing deep industry knowledge, experience and connections to our project."

Jason Siegrist, Chief Information Security Officer, Nuvolo

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BUSINESS CHALLENGE:Reduce Validation Bottlenecks, Improve Efficiency and Mitigate Risk Even as Required Validation Volume Grew

"Res_Q has saved us time and resources, reducing validation time by 30-40%. I wholeheartedly recommend Res_Q to fellow industry professionals seeking to enhance their validation processes."

– Sr. Director, IT Business Partner, GxP Systems

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BUSINESS CHALLENGE:An Increasing Burden to Maintain a State of Compliance to Accommodate Growth, a Virtual Organization and Knowledge Gaps

"We have shifted from CSV to CSA and now succeed with less documentation and more critical thinking. The difference pre- and post-  Res_Q is simply night and day, we have accelerated our validation time by 75%!"

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BUSINESS CHALLENGE:Existing Computer System Validation Couldn't Ensure GxP Across the Digital Ecosystem

"The time to execute validation workstreams went from days to hours with the implementation of Res_Q. We now have a proactive posture when it comes to cost and risk management. Res_Q is now a fundamental part of our bigger technology and compliance picture."

– Senior Director, Development Informatics

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Explore Case Studies B

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Explore Case Studies C

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"Frequent releases of software (like Veeva Vault® and DocuSign®) can include major changes and keeping up with documenting the configuration changes can become a full-time job. With Sware’s paperless Res_Q platform, we can easily navigate electronic change management and change control processes."

Blake Jensen, MBASVP, Quality Assurance, HUYABIO International

30+ industry accelerators

Access more than 30 integrated industry-supported applications through Sware's Marketplace to accelerate implementation and automate ongoing compliance.

30+ Industry-supported Applications
60% Lower Lifetime CSV Costs
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Our library of openly available resources is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle validation challenges effectively.


Our library of openly available resources is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle validation challenges effectively.

Validation Debt Stops Here

If your organization is ready to embrace the future of life sciences validation, we’re ready to help.